Finding South Shores

Between Rancho Palos Verdes (in red)
and Long Beach, locate the yellow square above,
which is South Shores (below):

Anchovy is the straight line at left that connects
Paseo Del Mar (divided roadway) in Lower South Shores
to 25th Street, Upper South Shores and Bogdanovich Park.

In the bottom center above (Paseo Del Mar),
this hardscape welcomes you:

2017 Purpose Statement

South Shores Community Association in San Pedro, CA, exists to enhance the daily lives of our community members by fostering a sense of “pride in belonging” to a community that cares about one another and seeks to nurture our spirit of neighborliness

Our President says it this way:

One thing I care about is our neighbors, our neighborhood, our working together to Uplift & upgrade our community.  I have a mindset that is looking to see “what can the SSCA do to make a positive and lasting  impact on others” 

As you know I have only been a board member for a short time, but this is something I’ve had in the back of my mind.


Whether it’s helping those older than I with shopping, getting to and from doctors, assisting military families, welcoming new neighbors with a cake and application to join the SSCA perhaps it’s all, some or none of these. 

[Board Member] Bob Genest has had a tremendous impact on our neighborhood safety.  He's probably too humble to acknowledge it, but we all know it. 

-- Rich Scandaliato

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Annual Meeting Good Neighbor Award 2014