Agendas 2017



South Shores Community Association - Agenda 01/21/17

Location – Home of John Lang/Annette Brodsky; 2209 South Anchovy @7:30 pm

1. Call to order                                                                                  Richard F. Scandaliato

  • Thank you notes sent to participating Guest 01/17/17 mtg.
  • Criteria for Board Membership
  • Website update
  • Expansion/Broadening of Communication vehicles
    •  Bi-Annual mtg.?
    • Specific Discussions (Ideas)
      • Open Forum Security
      • Disaster Preparedness
      • Recognizing Potential Danger
      • Etc. etc.

2. Introduction of Guest                                                          Marilyn Lyon

3. Secretary’s Report – Review Previous Minutes                 Ed Storti

4. Treasurer’s Report                                                             John Lang

5. Membership Committee Update                                         Vern Hall

  • Vern is proposing the establishment of (6) KEY players to support the Membership Drive (Handout & Explanation)   

7.  Sub-Committee Security                 Billings, Genest, Lomento, Scandaliato, Storti

               a. Status & update 03/25/17 Mtg.

8. Cyber Watch                                                                                        Bob Genest     

11. Architectural CC&R (Handout)                                                          Jerry Gaines

12. Association Name Change                                                                Annette Brodsky                                            

14.  Open Business                                                                                Joyce & Vern Hall

a.  Stop light on 25th Street (progress?) None to date

b. Recognizing need to assist in Membership data collection

c.  Passing the baton for Viewpoint

16.  Social Chair Expansion                                 Richard Scandaliato/Richard Welsh              

NEXT – Meeting: Home of Mingli Wang; 2175 Grenadier Dr. March 21, 2017

 Guests are welcome!