October 2013 Landslide Update

(Daily Breeze, 10/10/13)  Nearly two years later, the area around San Pedro’s stunning ocean-front landslide is healing.

A $7.64 million repair effort has made big strides in stabilizing and cleaning up the collapsed shoreline, cleaning up and smoothing out what was once a tangled mess of pipes, wires and chunks of concrete and dirt.  But there’s more work to be done...More...

With $7.64 million in repair and stabilization work well under way, the next step in putting San Pedro's landslide site back together again will focus on rebuilding Paseo del Mar. (Photo courtesy of The Daily Breeze)

Scenic Road To Be Rebuilt?

Many favor rebuilding Paseo del Mar landslide area.

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Near-Term Stabilization

City-approved $1.4 million project underway.

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White Point Coastal Landslide


Paseo Del Mar Repair Options

Four options discussed at the March meeting of the White Point Landslide Advisory Committee:

1. Restore the road in the same location without a retaining wall, which would require a complicated soil packing process, estimated to cost $43.8 million.

2. Build a bridge to span the slide area at a cost of $51.3 million.

3. Regrade the roadway, which would result in a dip and an uneven surface similar to Portuguese Bend to the west and would cost $6.7 million (although regular maintenance costs also would be required).


4. Restore the road in the same location but use a retaining wall below the street on the ocean side. Cost is about $28.8 million.

(Pictures and text courtesy of The Daily Breeze)

Landslide Update

Here's a video on the White Point landslide  that includes remarks by SSHOA Board member Vern Hall.

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Vern's photos (click a picture below to go to earlier landslide photos):