Energy Efficiency -- A Personal Word from a SSHOA Homeowner

Dear Friends,

We constantly  face rising  water and energy costs.  Thus, it behooves us to consider ways to make our homes more energy efficient.

  • While this may sound at the outset like an onerous requirement, in fact it is a great way to make our homes more livable, comfortable and economical.
  • When we bought our home, the Gas Co. was offering a program to insulate our ceiling space while paying for it over four years as an addition to our monthly Gas bill.  We took their offer and, wonder of wonders, our house was cooler in summer and warmer in winter, with no other changes. 
  • Sometime later, our aluminum framed windows showed corrosion from our seaside weather.  We replaced them with plastic-framed, double-paned windows.  Again the house benefited not only from energy savings, but also from less noise intruding from the street.  
  • We also installed ceiling fans in most rooms in the house.
  • We also changed out our incandescent bulbs, first to compact fluorescents and later to LED bulbs.  These bulbs use less energy and produce less heat.
  • These few changes have made our home much more comfortable to live in, while saving energy as well.
  • The L.A. Department of Water and Power (LADWP), has numerous programs and incentives for saving energy and aiding efficiency.

Look into 

  • insulating ceiling, attic spaces and outer walls of the home.
  • intelligent Thermostats for A/C and heating
  • computerized water sprinkler controls. DWP recently offered a third party company’s digital control unit as a freebie, with a possible paid upgrade.

The Gas Co. is offering cash rebates for new appliance purchases and home efficiency upgrade programs. Look them up at .

Check LADWP offers at (Residential energy efficiency rebate program).

David Zatz, SSHOA Board Member
Mob. 1-310-940-6457



Julian's Celebration 10/8/16

Around 250 friends remembered Julian...




SSHOA Vice President Julian Jimenez, 1939-2016

A memorial service (party) was held Saturday, October 8th.

As stated by a long-time friend, Martha McKinzie, whose ancestors were among the last lighthouse keepers, "If John Olguin was the father of San Pedro, Julian was San Pedro's son".  What a special guy!  We all miss him so much already.  He was SSHOA Vice President focused on community safety issues, such as much-needed tree trimming.  His role in preserving the Pt. Fermin Lighthouse is special.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Evolution of the San Pedro Waterfront (enlarged below)

(Courtesy: San Pedro Today, April 2016)





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