• The SSHOA has formed an adhoc committee on Membership and Safety to learn of the level of interest residents have in considering a private security firm to patrol the area on a 24 hour basis.  The adhoc committee is currently conducting focus groups to determine the level of interest and support for the use of a private security firm being employed to supplement service by the LAPD.  Future activity may include a region wide survey to determine interest after research has been discussed within key focus groups from sample neighborhoods of South Shores.
  • The local program known as Cyber Watch made up of some 400 property owners continues to work with various stakeholders including the LAPD to identify and note specific property crimes that occur in the area.  This month’s discussion focused on a shoplifting incident in a local business that had misinformation about it distributed on some social media sites.
  • Discussion focused on a remodeling project in lower South Shores.  There is a need to educate local realtors as well as residents who live in lower South Shores or eastern upper South Shores that Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions placed on properties when these tracts were established in the early 1960’s continue to be in effect in regard to exterior remodeling.  Style and in some cases new building height are criteria addressed by a three member Architectural Committee reviewing proposed remodeling.  Residents in these areas should view the SSHOA website for further information on the review process conducted by the SSHOA Architectural Committee.
  • Discussion continued on revising the association by-laws and name brandSouth Shores Residents Association replacing the name South Shores Homeowners Association to reflect renters along with homeowner residents in the area.  The changes will be submitted to the membership at the January 18, 2016 Annual Meeting.
  • The SSHOA met with CD 15 staff to assess traffic issues at 25th St. and Moray.  One strategy may include more LAPD traffic safety enforcement.  Efforts will continue.
  • Nominations for the 2017 Board are to be made at the Annual Meeting.  Residents can bring their names to the Nominations Committee at jgaines852@aol.com or at the meeting on January 18, 2017 at the South Shores Magnet School.




Thanks to Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council!


2016 SSHOA 14th Annual Members Reception --

in 50's language, a blast!

The SSHOA 14th Annual Members Reception, 9/11/2016, was a huge success -- beautiful weather and beautiful people!

Thanks to all who made it possible, especially John and Noelle Munn!

Check out photos on Facebook: Click 2016 SSHOA Reception.or click on this picture:


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Ports O'Call Public Meeting


Ports O'Call


San Pedro Public Market

Wayne Ratkovich and his LA Waterfront Alliance

revealed the design of the rebranded Ports O'Call

at the well-attended Warner Grand March 2 public meeting (see video).

Here is the website for more details: http://www.yourlawaterfront.com/

Here is the Daily Breeze story.

Wayne Ratkovich, Councilman Joe Buscaino, Mayor Eric Garcetti,Gene Seroka, Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles




2016 Board Elected at 2016 SSHOA Annual Meeting

Click here for Annual Meeting photos...

Robert Genest, Ed Storti, John Lang, Annette Brodsky, Richard Scandaliato, Anita Mannila,
Dave McMullen, Richard Welsh, Jerry Gaines (Top Row) Vern Hall , Joe Lomento, Julian Jimenez
(Not Shown) David Billings, Michele Mar, Noah Modisett, Mingli Wang, David Zatz

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